Road Closures

If you’re going to be in our area over the next two weekends, there are some local events that could affect your transportation routes.

1) The 40th San Diego Crew Classic will be held on  Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7, 2013.  Rowers and spectators from around the world will come to picturesque Mission Bay to compete and enjoy this event.  You can park for free at Ski Beach and take the free shuttle over if you’d like; more info can be found at

2) The 2013 ITU World Triathlon San Diego will be held in Mission Beach from Thursday, April 18 to Sunday, April 21, 2013.  This means there will be more traffic than normal coming across the bridge from the 8 and also up into Sea World Drive and Ingraham Street, as road closures include part of West Mission Bay Drive, Mission Boulevard, and Mission Beach.  (This primarily means the bridge area at the intersection by the Hyatt will be closed; you can still make the left at the light on Quivira Road and then the left on Quivira Way to get to us, but there’s going to be a lot more traffic. Plan accordingly.)

View the .pdf map and information of full road closures here:  2013 ITU World Triathalon San Diego.  For those wishing to register, more info can be found on


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Photography Privacy

If there’s one thing we love more than helping you have your event, it’s looking at photos that get submitted afterwards. Our client relationships can last a year or more, so seeing the end result of all the hard work is gratifying.

That said, we want to make sure we’re not stepping on anyone’s toes as far as photo submission goes. We do our best to make sure we’ve followed all the proper channels, and are very clear that we’d like photos to use on our social media profiles and our website. We don’t do it to invade anyone’s privacy or cause hard feelings; we do it so future clients can get ideas of what the room setups look like and so past clients can reminisce (hopefully spreading the word about how fun their event was). When clients visit the office, we ask people to send us photos afterward specifically for us to post online – it keeps the mood going and helps us provide inspiration to others.

We get photos from clients and photographers in various ways – sent to us as attachments, links to galleries with passwords, physical CDs/DVDs, browsing existing websites, etc. Most people who email us links to galleries ask us to select our favorites, and then the photographer sends us the web-ready version (typically watermarked). If we find photos online that we’d like to repost, we make every effort to contact the host of the photo to let them know our intent, and also provide credit or links back. Our goal is to make sure that we are not encroaching on anyone’s privacy, and also try to build up our network online. For example, if a DJ posts photos from an event, we’d want to repost to A) show off the event and B) connect with others in our industry.

The laws of copyright are not our forte, but please know we do our best to make sure everyone is happy. If a photographer sends photos that they took themselves, we make the assumption that the client has entered into some sort of agreement with whomever they took the photo of. If the subject of the photo does NOT want it to be made public, they should make sure to clarify that with their photographer, however we have no problem removing photos when asked to do so. A situation just occurred where in February of 2011 we had posted some (very lovely) photos of the Baja Room that was from an event in August of 2009. The photographer had given us permission to use the photos, and so we did. Today (April 2012) the bride saw them and wanted them removed. She didn’t know the photographer had given them to us, said she didn’t want them posted online, and so we removed them. If she had contacted us earlier, we would have removed them at her request then; absolutely no problem whatsoever.

This issue now is that since it’s been more than a year we have no way of knowing if those photos are circulating further online or not. We’re happy to remove photos we have control over, but please remember: there are a lot of people and a LOT of photos out there. If you’re working with a professional photographer and feel that you want all your shots to be private, make that VERY clear to them during your initial discussions. Our intent is never to offend, so help us to help you.

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I just saw this as a featured dessert on My Box Of Sweets, and it reminded me of my new favorite thing. Adorable.

For the discerning couple who might not want to smash cake slices on their face.

A friend of mine recently opened a local pizzeria and was showing me some newness on his dessert menu. He has specials on Pubcakes and also CakeBalls, which I was lucky enough to taste test. SO delicious! Then, kind of like magic a few weeks ago, they started creeping up in popularity at weddings and special events. They were like tiny, delicious ninjas. But it makes sense – if you’ve got a sweet tooth and are looking for something different than your standard cake, this is a quick and cute way to go. You just have to make sure the cakeballs stay refrigerated until they’re ready to go, but other than that it’s all good.

The cakeballs I saw at the time were just standard chocolate covered with some white spiral swirled icing, but they can be crafted into so many variations of colors and designs. Cold works best with these (unless you’re okay with having icing all over your hands). Think the size and consistency of a chocolate covered strawberry, but with moist, delicious cake inside: a tasty chilled bite of goodness!

Enough talking. Go check them out at


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A little mid-summer cleaning…

We’ve been doing a lot behind the scenes over here, but the short version is that we’re in the process of launching a new version of our website. Sneak peek thumbnail, ahoy!

We are also working on building our relationships with companies such as Wedding Wire, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, San Diego Style Weddings, and many more.

On that note, just got word that we are Wedding Wire Rated for 2011. Woohoo!

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Parking lot project updates

As some of you may have noticed, we’re working on our parking lots. The plan is to have this project completed by the July 4th weekend.

The week of the 6th, the southern half of the conference center parking lot will be closed. It should be sectioned off and have signage, but for reference the south side is from the Main Office down to the Baja Room.

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Wedding Wire

Among the many other networks that we’re involved with, Wedding Wire is one of the newer ones for us. While we’ve been a member for quite some time, we’ve only just been able to recently log in and get everything updated. So apologies for some of the really …REALLY late responses. Hopefully we can still help some folks out!

Go on over and check out what we’ve got going on, and tell a friend. 🙂 We promise to keep on top of it from here on out.

Marina Village at Wedding Wire

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January in Bali

Kleinfield Bridal says January’s Dream Destination for honeymoons is the St. Regis Bali Resort in where else – Bali! Land of romance, mystic beaches, and posh Balinese paradise make this one of those bucket list getaways.

We realize not everyone has a budget that will allow for that type of destination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely honeymoon – no matter when or where you go.

For those of you who have been or are going on a honeymoon, tell us about it!

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